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Learning in Public

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I need to be willing to bring people into the process that goes on behind the scenes. Show people how I get ideas. The idea is to allow the audience to follow along as I try to figure out how to make disciples of Jesus.
What if I started using this website as a publicly-accessible filing cabinet of thoughts and ideas that have stuck with me from the books and articles I’ve recently read? That might cause me to stop thinking of each post as something that needs to be well-structured, and to start thinking of each post as simply a new scrap of paper or index card with another idea or quote that I want to keep.

Stock and Flow

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A Basic Content and Social Media Strategy for Disciple School
Austin Kleon wrote a great book about creativity and audience-building that I’ve read multiple times. It’s called Show Your Work, and I highly recommend it for anyone who’s ever wondered aloud, “How do I get my stuff out there? How do I get noticed? How do I find an audience?” There’s a great section in the book called “Stock and Flow,” where Kleon mentions an article that economist Robin Sloan wrote in 2010.